About SSAB

Samoa Stationery and Books Ltd (SSAB) commenced operation in 2008 in response to increasing demand from the Samoan public for value-driven pricing on stationery and associated supplies with an emphasis on service.

Meeting and exceeding demand in the areas of value and service meant that since SSAB has been in business, it has expanded to include office furniture, computers, electronics and imaging equipment / copiers as a natural progression from basic office supplies. SSAB has grown to represent quality, value and service, and therefore clients prefer to streamline their office purchasing systems by asking SSAB to assist with big ticket items. This had let to a one-stop-shop approach to supply and demand that works for both client and SSAB.

Due to the associated rapid expansion SSAB moved from a small store on the outskirts of town to a central location at Lotemau Mall in Apia CBD. Following the move to Lotemau Mall, two more branches were added to cope with products and demand – one at the Ming and Hana's Building, Fugalei and another at Salelologa, Savaii. The branch at Lotemau Mall has remained the main store until December 2012 with the opening of SSAB's Megastore at Togafuafua. The SSAB at Lotemau Mall is still operational but the administration and educational sections have been moved to the Megastore. The Fugalei branch has closed since all its operations have also moved to the Megastore.

In 2014, a branch at Vaivase located within the vicinity of schools was opened to cater to the students needs. It houses stationery products, educational resources as well as a copy center and internet services so students can do their research and print their internal assessments without the need to come all the way to town to do so.

Our Team

SSAB is owned and managed by Fiti Leung Wai, a former lawyer at the Ministry of Finance and former Head of Department for the Faculty of Commerce (now the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship) at the National University of Samoa. While in the position of ordering office and educational supplies for both government and the university, Fiti noticed a huge gap in the market. Namely, an affordable office and educational supplies service that understood their products, offered office and innovations and provided quality support – plus a keen focus on education and its value. .

With a hands-on philosophy and commitment to service, Fiti's commercial background in family business and as a lawyer specializing in commerce led to the feasibility of such an operation being highly successful.

SSAB has excellent personnel in its Management and support staff with the right experiences and aptitudes which can assist with various projects the Company intends to undertake:

Managing Director: Fiti Leung Wai, Bachelor of Laws, Waikato University and Masters of Law (Commercial), Australia National University

Deputy Managing Director & Accounts Manager: Gaseimaninoa Manila, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Otago University

Operations Manager: Nancy Vito

Education Manager: Bronwyn Hunt-Keil

Marketing Manager: Dora Malele

Stock Manager: Manu Ken Saifoloi

Stationery & Office Supplies Manager: Marlene Tuaimalo

Stock Control & Floor Manager: Filemu Samoa

Service Manager: Savelio Vito

Copiers & Printers Manager: George Te'o

Information Technician Manager: Ricky Main

Savaii Branch Manager: Tagaloa Fritz Vito

Lotemau Branch Manager: Cizzy Tokuma


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